When a TV presenter is about to say “Good morning, everyone” or a popstar is about to head onstage, I assume they have that persistent bug of fear. The one that senses someone is about to go live in front of geared-up spectators, ready to consume them. This bug may shrink a little each time they get out there, but it is there nonetheless. I feel like writers get this bug too.

Whether it be selling an article, publishing a short story, or… I’m just spit balling here… posting your first blog entry; it’s another way of going live in front of an unknown audience. Scary shit! I’m also under the impression that TV presenters and popstars get their make-up checked and outfits adjusted to ensure they look as fabulous as possible – this, I am unfamiliar with.

My very own bug has been going strong for a while now. But in gathering and planning out ideas, there’s only so long you can go before wanting to fix your Matrix.

And we’re going live in 3, 2, 1 –

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