A bit of flash fiction for you! This was originally a 200 word piece but I really liked the voice of this character so wanted to flesh out her descriptions a little. I can see this turning into a longer piece as well, maybe something including a prequel to show us how she found herself where she is in this story.

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For the past year, my boyfriend and I have been doing long distance. I can imagine a lot of American and international couples scoff when I say the travelling can be 5-7 hours, but for two Brits, that’s a fair chunk of distance.

Though he has now got a new job in the superior end of the country and will be moving up North, I think I’m going to miss my monthly adventures travelling down, navigating the London underground, and appreciating the different accents.

Something these journeys have shown me is that trains are a great chance to see a snapshot of someone’s day mostly, because, nobody dresses for a train.

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My first bit of creative writing to share with you, it’s a short story quite close to my heart. It has undergone a few changes since it was first declared ‘finished,’ and has even been transformed into a play which I put on myself. And I’m not done with it yet. There are bigger and further things I want to do with this story, but I thought it was only right for the starting piece to make it onto my blog.

Let me know what you think!

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