I like to debate. I like to discuss, hear people’s points of view, and build on my own. What I don’t like is speaking with someone who refuses to acknowledge my point of view and uses loud interruptions to scare me into silence. It’s in these moments that, despite knowing my stance and how to express it, my confidence shrivels up along with my ability to articulate, and I wish I had a cheat sheet to glance at.

So, I thought I would make one.

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My friend recently got ‘rated’ to her face.

I’m going to go in hard and simple with this one – ‘rating’ is the process in which some men like to assign a numerical value to a woman based on her attractiveness that therefore equates to her worth. I understand the usual scale is 1 – 10, a 10 being the epitome of beauty.

Small minds can only count so high.

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