When a TV presenter is about to say “Good morning, everyone” or a popstar is about to head onstage, I assume they have that persistent bug of fear. The one that senses someone is about to go live in front of geared-up spectators, ready to consume them. This bug may shrink a little each time they get out there, but it is there nonetheless. I feel like writers get this bug too.

Whether it be selling an article, publishing a short story, or… I’m just spit balling here… posting your first blog entry; it’s another way of going live in front of an unknown audience. Scary shit! I’m also under the impression that TV presenters and popstars get their make-up checked and outfits adjusted to ensure they look as fabulous as possible – this, I am unfamiliar with.

My very own bug has been going strong for a while now. But in gathering and planning out ideas, there’s only so long you can go before wanting to fix your Matrix.

And we’re going live in 3, 2, 1 –

This blog is not a New Year’s Resolution. If it were, I probably would have started it up in January, letting it fall victim to the tempting trap of neglect alongside its comrades; regular gym visits and earlier nights.

I have flown past my initial January motivation. I had set myself the goal of submitting a piece of writing to something (anything) every month which still seems to be alive and well – but I think I used all my New Year magic on that one. So now I’m here in April, convincing myself that if I still want to do something after four months have gone by, that’s a solid foundation to start a new project. Right?

New Year’s Resolutions are made to improve your life – whether that be accomplishing a goal or changing undesirable behaviour. Whilst this blog is, of course, in no way a NYR, I can tell you I wouldn’t mind improving my life in both of those ways. And I wouldn’t mind sharing it with a few others who find themselves here.

This isn’t going to be the sort of blog where I make you take off your shoes before you come in. So, you’re going to find some swearing and thinly veiled self-deprecation. There is even opportunity for the misuse of grammar for effect.

HOWEVER – That doesn’t mean I won’t make you wipe your shoes on the doormat before entering. So, if you have some unfathomable, boiling discriminatory hatred to share, I would prefer if you went knocking elsewhere.

You can learn more about me if you decide to read my Open Diary series, but that is all yet to come. For now, here are some facts about me, threefold:

Infographic ME

I have had a blog before. I enjoyed it and spoke to interesting people, but I found I had limited myself with the range of content I was making. It was a blog that revolved around creative writing, and writing about writing. Whilst I want to keep that as a part of this blog, I also want to stretch out to a few new post styles, ideas, using a voice with a wider reach.

So, if you’re interested in something along those lines, have a look at my About Page to read a shorter introduction and have a click through my Social Media – I swear I’m getting better with these.

Being a newbie, I am looking to build a network and get inspired, meaning I am looking for some good content to follow. Whether you revolve around writing or not, if you think you’re worth reading then say hello!

And now I pass the mic to you.


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